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I have sorted out some of my funny animated gifs

All animations made here

donut animationMany of my animations could be considered funny and if you are looking for a particular subject try searching this website. Listed below are what I consider to be some of my funny animations although what I may consider funny may not be to another person. It all depends on your sense of humour and Dot tells me that I have got a really strange one.
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Divorced monkey
pooping santa
animated spam
flashing teddy bear
santa stuck up the chimney
Prince Charles reading his favourite book

List of funny web pages

I have spent a little time, it saves you the bother of doing it, going through this website and collecting all the links to the humourous animations that I have made over the past twelve years. You will also find some that I have made a few special ones that are quite a bit bigger than the average size of 100kb and added them to Google+ (click the orange button centre bottom of this page if you want to see my profile)
They are all 3D and made in the same style as the funny animations on this page and ideal as a little addition to brighten up your web page or blog .

  As much use as As much use as a a chocolate teapot and other funny animated gifs
  Famous smiley faces A collection of 3D famous smiley faces
  Gatso Speed Camera animations
  Man at work Man at work? Beer Goggles and toxic content
  Monkeys Naughty monkeys, rude gestures and toilets
  Naughty Santa Santa Claus doing naughty things
  Naughty Teddy Bears Farting teddies, Flashing teddy bears and pole dancing lady teddy
  No Smoking A humorous look at giving up smoking
  Pigs MP expenses claim scandal
  Prince Charles Prince Charley reading some interesting magazines
  Spam Free spam, but not the email sort
  Toilet animations Some of our old original Toilet animations
  Wot no Chad or Kilroy with a few wot no messages on the wall