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Animated fruit, ripe and ready for you to use

banana and applesAnimated bananas, grapes, apples, orange, lemon, strawberries and cherry gifs. Mouth watering animated gifs of some of your favourite fruits. My collection of animated fruit. I love fruit but the only fruit I actually grow in my garden is the strawberry. In our friends garden in Cyprus I just love how they pick the lemons as they require them.

I have to buy them in a supermarket or greengrocer in my village. I have made all these using 3D CAD software, they have taken many hours to construct render and animate and I'm flattered that you have been using them

The animation of the knife and banana does give me the shudders, my wife can be very volatile at times and I got the inspiration for this from something she said to me when I annoyed her. In the interest of public decency I cannot repeat what she said.

The clip art used on the spinning fruit badges and cubes thanks to

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strawberry animation
animated lemon orange animation animated cherries
Strawberry Lemon Orange Cherry
apple animation bananas grapes fruit bowl
Apple Banana Grapes Fruit bowl (No link)

It's always nice to know my fruit animations are being used

Loads of fruitOver the past fourteen years I have made many hundreds of original gif animations. I know that you use them a lot but rarely get to see the end results when used on your web sites.

It is not essential to give me some sort of recognition for my work but nice if you do so. I always appreciate it when you say to me "Look , we have used your animation here" it gives me a real buzz to see my work spreading around the internet.