All animations created by Dave Sutton

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French animated teddy and monkey , what charmers

butterfly bulletSince the Channel tunnel was built, my county Kent now borders France halfway through the tunnel. Its also noticeable that these animations were rendered with some French software called Artlantis, a very simple program to use but giving fantastic results. I have now retired and my work was computer graphics, many months before my retirement my company had to employ someone to take over my work. By far the best applicant was a young French girl living in England. She was employed and very quickly took over my roll and became even better than myself at creating some wonderful computer graphics very quickly. I'm also told that she was more pleasing to the eye than myself but I find that hard to believe. She made my retirement very easy.

animated teddy bear from France
French Flag
French monkey animation

French Teddy and Monkey, always chatting to the girls or playing football. If you adopt them, look after them, they need a lot of attention