All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Recommended free stuff for blogs and websites

This website would not have been possible without Paint Shop Pro, Jasc Animation shop, Schroff Silverscreen Solid Modeler and Artlantis rendering software but we do use some free software. We have not found a good free program for editing our work but if you know of one let us know.

Animated WolfThis is a fantastic collection of animated gifs mp3 sounds, songs, clip art animations and moving animations that have been collected from the internet. This really is a fun website and the webmaster has put a lot of love and attention into it, it is not just a directory made to earn a few bob.

The website has been put together with images from numerous sources in the public domain, is very easy to navigate and the webmaster is easy to contact.

I do not normally like my animations displayed by other animated gif collection websites but a website of this quality has my permission to do so.


Reflection effects

Light house reflectionOur favourite free program has got to be from It makes some really unusual reflection animations and is very to use. We have made a yacht sailing at sea look very realistic and a lake in the mountains of Cyprus just came alive on our Greek Cypriot page.

The lighthouse animation on this page was created with this program and has given a simple photograph a 3D effect.



Free clip art and images

If you are looking for Free Clip art you will have to go a long way to find a better site than It has thousands of images and many of them high resolution with an easy navigation system and suitable for children.


Free photographs

Sometimes we need some photographs, the website to use is, thousands of free images and more being added all the time. We only occasionally use this site but it has a very adequate search system.

Animated logos and more

Flaming textFor animated logos like the flaming text animation you need to go to, this website has so many wonderful free things on it it is hard to know where to start. It has online photo editing software, you can create a logo from many templates, it has animated text and a big collection of fonts to name just a few. An wonderful Aladdin's cave of free goodies.


See if your webpages have been copied

Do you wonder if your site is being copied, easy to find out by going to Within seconds it will tell you just how many sites have copied your stuff, its free but you can update to a better edition.


Free forums

From time to time with have used the free forums available on the internet and found the best to be from Simple to set up and not plastered in Adverts. In fact for a fee you can have the ads taken off.


Free Flash animations for blogs

If you like Flash animations and want to embed them into a blog this free 3D Flash Animation website has a few ready for you to use. The animations include some very lifelike aquariums.


Google have a lot to offer

Finally we have to say that Google have some brilliant free software and service. We have used Sketchup a free 3D modeling program. Google sites, free online website construction. Blogger free blogs with many templates to work from. Webmaster tools to check on your website performance and of course Google+ something we love because you can add animations to your posts.