All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free Sketchup Models made from our animations

Sketchup models that can be seen from any angle

Kit carThese two rose were printed from a model that I created in Sketchup. The Rose is viewable from any angle and you can even create your own animations in Google Sketchup.

This is a program that you download and you can make your own 3D models or use my free Sketchup models in any of your 3D drawing projects. We have uploaded doors windows tables, chairs , interior furniture, staircases, fish and many many more made from models that have been used to make animations on this website. I like to think that my timber models are technically correct as I used to be a joiner





Google have come up with a winner

The Spitfire and kit car animations are just another example of our Sketchup models. The Sketchup program is really worth downloading and I have had hours of fun with it here. I think that the ability to be able to make a very simple low resolution 3D model and then to be able to render it with a photograph to give it a really startling lifelike appearance is a feather in the cap of the Google employees who put this software together and it is still being updated.

One of our models, a simple door had over 775,000 download last time we looked , maybe because it has been constructed properly but the amount of downloads really surprises me
My user name in the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse is Acorn.