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Free clip art and high resolution images from WPClipart

Just one example

This collection of free clip art has a very easy navigation system and a search box so it is possible to find the graphic you are looking for in a matter of seconds. It has many high resolution images that not only look good on a computer screen but will also print with out losing image quality. The image below is just one example of the many that are available so if you want to visit this site just click the link in the header. I have used a few of these image in the construction of animations and if you explore my website you will soon a few in action.

example from WPClipart

A very good clipart website

In my opinion the best collection of free clip art that you can download from a website on the internet is WPClipart and Paul has gone to a lot of trouble to gather a collection of over 34.000 Public Domain images and photographs that will actually print as they are of a good resolution and are available in PNG, JPEG and even some in SVG format. Suitable for schools as there is no adult content, easy to navigate and very few adverts to distract from the main purpose of this site. I have used many of these images for my grand daughter’s school projects and even though she is only 6 years old she knows how to find and navigate this website. I have even added some of the images in my animations knowing that I will not encounter any copyright problems. There are not many sites left like this that are still prepared to share some good quality content and I feel that we have something in common.