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Free 3D textures for designers

free 3D textures

Free 3D textures

A website offering free textures for use in 3D imaging and game creation programs. Many textures are pre-tiled to seamless and are available in a variety of sizes, from small 526 X 526 pixels to large 2048 X 2048 pixels. You'll also find a large number of painted, photographic, and some free Photoshop brush textures. There's a good variety of stone and wood, as well as water, clouds and sky, among many others that are very useful for rendering walls, carpeting, flooring tiles and textiles. You'll find a small number of png files isolated on transparent backgrounds that can also be used for many applications.

This stock of free 3D textures will be increasing in the near future. Terms of use for the textures are pretty liberal, and you may use your created art or renders for commercial purposes, though you may not sell these free 3D textures or include them in any other collection. All that is asked is a link to the site if you find any of the textures useful, and to not claim the actual textures as your own.

example of 3D textures


Photoshop articles and tutorials by Gracey

A website full of instructions, articles and tutorials for beginners to digital photography and Photoshop.
Tutorials are comprehensive and written with the beginner in mind. Easy to understand with pictures and texts that follow through from the beginning to a finished product.
Easily downloaded in .pdf format, the tutorials are free to everyone. Tutorials include such things as f-stops, compositional rules, camera care, Photoshop editing for colour, isolating objects, shooting on white backgrounds, wedding photography for non-professionals and many other useful things, as well as "Quick Tips".

You'll also find some helpful articles that explain copyright, dmca, how to protect your work on the internet, how to find and create a free website, how to use online photo editors for free, and create your own slide shows online without buying software. For those who are interested in graphics, there are also some free templates for Photoshop (calendars, frames etc.) and some free Photoshop brushes.