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David Lazarus - accomplished fractal artist


Prints of my fractals for sale

My name is David Lazarus. I am generally a very analytical person. However, I also enjoy being creative. I’ve been working with fractals for a long time and have used programs such as FractInt, Iterations, Chaoscope and Terragen Then, in July 2013, I found a fractal rendering app that really showcased my artistic ability. It’s called JWildfire and it produces a subset if Iterated Function System fractals called flames. It is a free application and can be downloaded HERE

I’ve spent several months developing my own style and learning how to get the most out of JWildfire.
Therefore, I finally decided to make my works for sale, click the link below for more information.

David-lazarus. Fractal prints for sale

You can purchase prints ranging from greeting card size up to 36″ x 24″. You can also choose the print medium and frames. Although JWildfire has become my favorite fractal rendering app, I plan to make works done with Incendia EX and other apps available for purchase as well. Check the page often as I will be adding more of my art on a regular basis. For reference, you can check out a demo of one of my works…at the top of this article. It is called the “Bit Attractor”. Hope you enjoy this fractal art sample. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my artwork! Best Regards, David