All animations created by Dave Sutton

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For sale animations for your ebay or website shop.

A collection of for sale graphics

animated tagA collection of animated for sale labels that you can use on your online shop or even on a blog if you have something to sell. Original label gifs, the colours are bright and cheerful and animated as well. What a way to draw attention to the fact that you have something to sell. These labels are a bargain, they are brand new and they are free

The for sale spinning tag made especially for this web page. The other animations were made creating the graphics in Paint Shop Pro (You do not have to use expensive graphic software to get good results) and then rendering them onto the 3D flag model we had already created.

Do you have a merchant web site or shop on ebay, then these may be the animations you are looking for. You may not be able to attach these labels to the article for sale but these animations are the next best thing. I hope they can brighten up your shop and bring attention to things you have for sale.

If you are looking for a special animated label for your online shop just drop me an email and I will see if we can help you

for sale animation
animated bargain
brand new label
for sale animated cube
Bargain cube
brand new animated cube
for sale chimp animation
bargain for sale animation
for sale brand new animation

Even a monkey can sell your stuff using a "For Sale" sign

The monkeys can be found on many of my webpages but I thought that they would look good holding a "For sale" sign, I must admit that they must be getting dizzy spinning around all the time but it could be a nice little touch to add these on your commercial website to attract attention to something you particularly want to sell.

Other animations made by us listed below that may be of interest to an online shop are