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3D Football animations

Free football animated gifs that can be used for any project

the football World CupFootball animations all made by Sevenoaks Art and not collected from obscure places on the internet. Use them,
modify them as you see fit but do not include them in other collections. These football animations can even work as mobile phone screen savers or backgrounds. At Sevenoaks Art we are not great lovers of football, I used to play it with a leather football with a lace which could mark your head if you headed it and leather football boots with studs nailed on. The nails often used to come through the soles and stick into your feet. Very painful.
These days football has become a business and not so much a sport and good sportsmanship has really gone down the pan. The only reason we have any interest in football is because my son has always played it and I have traveled miles to support him

animated FA cup
animated English football animations
animated football
animated England badge
football animation
animated chick on football
football boot1
Animated monkey with football
football boot 2

We do have another page for American football

On this page we have made an FA and World cup, English football with background flag, the English football emblem, boots, chatting monkey and our favourite, the cocky little chick balancing on the football

If you have stumbled upon this page looking for American football animations we have made a collection for you to peruse.
Click this link for American football gifs

I would love to be able to add animations for particular football clubs but because club logos are copyright protected I'm unable to do so. Sadly I do get many requests for animated club logos but I'm unable to make any for you. That is the way life goes sometimes, enjoy the animations that we do have.