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Follow me and I will follow you.

Encourage visitors to your blog to follow you

strawberryOver the past year I have enjoyed setting up my blogs and the Flash tropical fish one gave me a chance to experiment and enhance some of my aquariums. I have made one about my experiences in Cyprus and for years I was a milkman, thoroughly enjoyed the work so I also made a blog about that. These blogs do not get updated much because Google+ seems to be a better alternative these days.
I used to enjoy going onto the official Google Blogger help forum and occasionally give help to anyone has problems with uploading animations or graphics and its always nice to have a chat in their coffee shop, you meet people from all walks of life and they have a real communal spirit.
In the blogger community you will come across the saying follow me and I will follow you and although frowned upon by some of the purists seems to be the basis of getting more visitors and followers to your blog. That is why I have made these follow me animations. Of course the ideal way to get followers is to write such compelling articles that any visitors will want to return to read more and hence should follow you without any prompting. I feel that there is no harm in a little prompting especially as I had so much fun creating this little collection.

follow me animated chick
follow me panda and acorn animation
1 want you to follow me
follow me teddy bear animation
Follow me follow you animated sign
Happy fathers day cube

Pick on Acorn, why don't you

The panda and Acorn animation was inspired by the fact that the Google Panda algorithm had completely decimated this websites search engine results. Sadly search engines are not human and cannot see that or know that the images on a page like this would have taken me days to make. Acorn is my Google name, used on forums and Google Sketchup. This follow me animations just about sums it up, a big hairy panda swinging poor little acorn around in circles.