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Flowers, fruit, nuts, vegetables. Things to do with nature

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Hanging flower basketOf all the animations we have made the flowers have been the most time consuming. I has spent days creating each single leaf and petal to make these very unusual 3D animations. Once the 3D flower has been made it can be used over and over again and animated from all different angles. The spinning red rose has been very popular since I made it over ten years ago and we have seen it on many websites and blogs. On the link page for flowers you will find some smaller examples of the animations that you will find for each flower category. There is no reason you cannot download these miniature animations and use them as well.

The trees were originally made for our Google Sketchup 3D model collection in the Sketchup warehouse but after making them it was a simple matter just to animate them although we feel that there may be a limited use for them but not too worry, we had some fun making them if nothing else.
As well as Dot and Dave you will find some other nuts on this website, I'm quite pleased with these animations because they realistic, achieved by rendering the basic shape with a photograph of the nut in question.
Also Included in this nature section are some spinning leaves (Autumn and Summer), animated solar system planets, snow and weather animations. As with all our collections of animated gifs we are continually adding and improving and this selection is a prime candidate for improvement