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Free 3D flower animations

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A collection of butterflies, flowers, hanging flower baskets , Fuchsias, petunias, clematis, daisy, sweet pea, daffodil and and roses made over a period of twelves years. The red rose was the very first flower that I made and it was very popular at that time. This collection includes 3D models that I have built and several animated photographs of flowers where I have added the picture as a texture onto a 3D model.

animated rose and butterfly
animated fuchia animated flowers on cross animated flower barrow animated clematis
Butterfly Roses Fuchsias Cross & Flowers Petunias Clematis
animated flower basket sweet pea animation daisy animation daffodil animation animated rose
Flower baskets Sweet pea Daisy Daffodil Roses

Do you want spinning flowers, I have made them!

clematis daffodil daisy daisy2 fuchsia petunia sweet pea flowers sun flower petunia2

Original animated flowers by Sevenoaks Art, I once had our neighbours complain about stinging nettles creeping in from
my garden. That was many years ago and I now have quite a nice garden. it may be to do with getting old, I have retired and in between sitting in the garden in just my shorts, sitting Southern Comfort and putting the neighbours off their food I intends to make this site Sevenoaks Art even better with updated and new animations.

When I first started it was the days of the 56K modem and animations had to be tiny and small in file size and I only put a few animations to each page. My animations are now a lot bigger and better thanks to Broadband so I apologies to any of you who are using 56K modems and waiting for ever to download my stuff.

Have fun with my animations, use them in your blogs and web sites and no copyright restrictions, I just hate to see them in any other online collections and do get just a little upset if that happens.