All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Flip Flop Dot’s Designer animated flip flops

flip flop dot

Flip flop dotThis designer range of flip flops are the “ in thing at ” some of the best holiday hotels. We can supply a Gold leaf version in the carnival range at an extra cost. Dot wears her flip-flops all year round so has come up with the cosy warm range, thick insulation and ideal for walking in deep snow.
The industrial steel toe range are ideal for working in the Borough Green brick making factory but far more suitable for giving Dot’s son Colin a good kicking when he gets cheeky.
Famous personalities like Wendy Winter and Penny Punt are wearing some of her creation

carnival flip flop steel toecap flip flop coseywarm flip flop gaysandal
Carnival Steel toe Cosy Warm Gay Sandal

Flip Flop Dot

Dot can walk miles in her flip flops and even scaled what seemed like a mountain in Thassos, a small Greek Island, to visit some ruins at the top. I had a decent pair of trainers on but on reaching the top my knees were trembling and my T-shirt soaked in perspiration. Flip Flop Dot looked as cool as a cucumber and had climbed in her flip flops. She is one fit old bird. Even in winter she can be seen walking down the road in thick snow with them on. Because of this reputation she has been given many novelty flip flops including fridge magnets, fly swats, jewelry, baggage labels key rings and many others

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