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Animated flags of the World, provinces, states and more

Something totally different in flag animations

animated union jack
animated Christian flag
animated Stars and Stripes
Canadian flag


UK butterfly

I have made a few "national butterflies, click the butterfly to see more.

I know that there are many World flag animations on the internet I decided to make something just a little different. The flag was made in Schroff Silverscreen 3D modeler and has eight different frames to it. An animated background was created using free software from which will create a rippling water reflection effect . The flag was then rendered using Artlantis adding the background at the same time. This is done eight times and the images were imported into Jasc animation shop, optimized and made into a gif animation. I have a couple of different rippling backgrounds, the Star wars one is an example and have added all sorts of images to the flags. I do not mind giving our construction methods away, after all I give my animations away free of charge.

I apologize if we have not got the full range of World flags, if you need one for your country and I do not have it I will add it to this collection (It may take a little time)

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Checkered Star Wars Confederate Jolly Roger