All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Add your name with Animation Shop to the flag of your choice

This tutorial is quite old and we used Jasc animation shop a very good program for creating animations. There is some doubt if it will work with Windows 7 but we have an Old Paint shop Pro 8 program that it is incorporated into and it works fine. The stand alone version may give problems.

Open flag animation that you downloaded from here in Animation shop

File - open - navigate to the flag animation and open


You will have an eight frame animation like this (Only 3 frames shown)

We now need to create a new name animation


File - new - make the animation 100 x 50 - canvas colour transparent

Select your text colour from the colour palette

Click the text tool Textool and then click on the name animation.

You will need to experiment with font size but I used 18

Select your font style

Click the anti alias check box

Enter your text

Click OK and put name into your "one" frame name animation

We now need to copy this frame 8 times

colour select

With this single frame name animation selected

Edit - copy

Edit paste after current frame

Then use combination of shift + Ctrl + L keys to copy 6 more times so that you have an eight frame name animation

Dave name

Only 3 frames shown

Select all frames in this animation by clicking frame 1 and then using the shift and arrow right key.
All frames will have a blue border as above

Click on frame one and drag and position frame 1 of your name into frame 1 of flag animation, as you release all the other frames will transfer.

You can try again if you do not like the results by selecting your animation and clicking the undo Undo button

Test your new animation View - Animation and then save.

Flag with Dave