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Dot is in charge of the money

animated ten dollar billWithout a doubt Dot is the financial wiz kid in the Dot and Dave partnership. I will spend money that I do not have and always used to until I met Dot 35 years ago. It was a long hard slog but after many years of arguments I eventually came round to Dots way of thinking. Only spend money you actually have. I still make the occasional silly purchase and spends money unnecessarily but in our old age we do have a little more money to spend. At one time we had several different bank accounts but have now opted for joint accounts. After all we are an old aged couple that like to share everything and that includes all the animated gifs on this financial animations web page.

animated dollar globe
dollar animation
revolving dollar symbol
animated money bag with dollars in
animated pound globe
animated walking pound
revolving pound symbol
animated money bag with pounds in it

1 cent 1 Dollar Euro English pound 20 pence 2 English pounds 2 pence 2 Euro 50 pence 50 cents

We also have a collection of animated money and credit cards

MastercardI have made some animated money gifs and credit cards as well as these financial ones. The collection so far includes the Dollar, the English pound and the Euro, all available on the links above. I may be giving away money so you can use it how you like. The credit card animations are suitable for use on an online shop, if I have not included any that you require I can always make it for you and add it to the page. The small static graphics of money can be used as avatars, they have been made from some of my money animations.