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We occasionally give out special funny blog awards

An animated medal

We both like to surf the net and occasionally come across a blog that makes us laugh so we decided to make a special funny blog award for these special fun blogs. We have called it the Dot and Dave funny blog award.
Our animation site has quite a good web presence so the award goes with a link from our website.
Maybe we are being presumptuous offering an award and choosing the blog award recipient ourselves but we feel that any blog that makes us laugh deserves a little extra publicity and an animated gold medallion for the publisher.
At the end of the day, Dot and Dave’s funny blog awards list can only add to fun and entertainment that can be found on the internet.

All awards are animated

funny blog award 1

Chronicles of Amber has some great images, especially the "push my kitty butt-on" and "feed the goldfish". Her article on camping really made us laugh, we can relate to it and she is one lucky girl because Jesus spoke to her. Maybe a blog for the girls but Dave still enjoyed it.

funny blog award 4
We came across the blog and found another blog that made us laugh.
You find some serious stuff then articles that are really funny.
This is a great blog and well worth a visit.

funny blog award 2
Passing Clouds Holiday Homes, proprietors Carlos and Marjorie Roberts.
At first glance this blog looks like a boring advert for caravan and camping holidays but when Dave looked a little closer it really had him laughing.
Maybe the sanity of the author is in doubt but who are we to call a kettle black.
Check out the adverts for the wellies, we now have 43 biros.


Although we have only one animated funny blog award shown we do in fact always give out an animated version
All you publishers with funny blogs, carry on and keep us laughing, sometimes the things that you blog about make our minds boggle. It is said that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction