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Free 3d Father's day animations

Unusual gifs for Father's day

animated footballI'm a father, in fact I have had five kids, three boys by my first wife and a boy and girl with Dot. I always wanted a daughter and it took me five attempts. My daughter is a delicate feminine little girl who could twist me around her little finger. she has been more trouble than all the boys put together, but in a nice sort of way.
She is a good organiser and has never forgotten to get me something for Fathers Day. Now my son is a different kettle of fish, he is over 30 and still living at home. On the last Father's day he completely forgot his dad and had to rush out and get a last minute card. In the evening of that same day he arrived home with a doner kebab and said "Here you are dad, a special treat". I love them but I rarely eat them as I try to keep healthy, but Father's day is an exception.

A nice if somewhat unusual collection of Father's day animations.

dad's train
father dalek
Dad in rocking chair
Fathers day animated flag
Fathers day animated sign
Fathers day animated football
cricket ball animation for fathers day
I want you to have a good fathers day
Happy fathers day cube

Special textures added to some of our models

This collection of animations made from standard models that I have made over the years. It is often just a simple matter to add a special texture or custom wording but still produces an animation that is really quite different from most you will find on the internet. My favourite is the " I want you to have a good fathers day " I hope you can find a use for all of them.