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Some unusual facebook animations

By linking to a hosting site you can add animations to Facebook

For a long time you were unable to post animations animations on Facebook but now you can but NOT directly. To upload animated gifs to Facebook you need to paste a link to a hosting web site that will store your animated gif for you like Giphy and then simply copy and paste the link into your post. I have a channel there for some of my better animated gifs

Face book toilet A book for facebook members Animated facebook


Animations on Facebook

I do understand that some people have a great hatred of animated gifs and I must admit that some of the videos converted to gifs although entertaining can be of an enormous file size and can clog up your operating system. I was brought up when the 56 K modem was your gateway to the internet and download speeds were really slow. Hence you will not find many of my animations that are larger than 100kb unless you care to vsit my Giphy channel,so downloading time is no problem.