All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Andrew Mitchell and Ed Miliband animations

More political animations, We need Boris Johnson for prime minister

Boris JohnsonAn interesting project, not exactly animated smiley faces. A very simple 3D model was created roughly the shape of the persons face and a copyright free photo was rendered onto that model. It had to be manipulated in Paint Shop Pro to allow for stretching around the sides. The photo was then rendered in Artlantis. This technique, although very simple is very restricted because a side view of the face becomes very distorted.
The animation can only exist of a few frames side to side or up and down.
The fun part is adding the 3D extras. The crown on Ed Miliband took many hours to make but is now used in many new animations, we have even put it on Prince Charles. The Tutankhamun version with David Cameron face added needed a different technique. It took hours to build the 3D model with all the extra bits but nearly any face can be superimposed on it.

Nick Clegg
Tony Blair
David Cameron
Gordon Brown
Ed Miliband

These politicians get older but our animations don't

Top Left to right. Nick Clegg. Tony Blair. David Cameron.
Bottom. Gordon Brown. Ed Miliband. Andrew Mitchell

Some famous animated faces and we just love putting hats on them. The pirate hat pinched from our pirate collection of 3D models suits Gordon Brown and the fire fighter hat looks good on Tony but whatever possessed us to make David Cameron into King Tut we will never know. The two faces took a few hours to make. King tut took a lot longer but we have had a lot of fun adding different peoples faces to it.

At the moment these faces are up to date , we only recently updated them but the big problem is that people get older, our animations do not age. Give us a gentle reminder in a few years time if these chaps are looking just a little too young

Other faces available are George Bush with a beany hat, as a captain and dressed as father Christmas. Hilary Clinton with flowers on her head Prince Charles reading naughty books, MD Huckabee with a strange hat and Harry Reid wearing my flying helmet.