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Even euros in Cyprus now

2 euro smallAs regular visitors to Cyprus I have discovered that many shopkeepers hate the Euro and would rather have kept the Cypriot pound. These Euro animations are based on the currency I use when in Cyprus. Sadly because of the Euro Cyprus is fast losing tourist trade from the UK and getting more visitors from places like Russia. I'm lucky, I have Greek Cypriot friends who know the cheaper non tourist places to shop and eat but it is still a very expensive place to stay. Thank goodness for good Greek company, Ouzo, Mediterranean sun, and good food. This is my latest batch of animated money, how could I not leave the Euro out. I feel these are slightly better quality than the other money animations as I tend to improve as time goes by. Sadly once again you cannot spend any of it. Well it is free after all

animated 50 cents
animated 20 euro banknote
1 euro animation
2 euro animation

From left to right. 50 Cents. 20 Euro. 1 Euro. 2 Euro
This page is on my list to add a more comprehensive range of animated Euros, more money animations are available by clicking animated Pounds or animated Dollars

So far we do not have the Euro in England, I think that is probably a good idea although many would disagree with me but to be honest, I had enough problems when they got rid of Pounds shillings and pence and decimalized everything.
The only problem I really have is having to change all my English money when visiting abroad.