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Benign Essential Tremor, my advice

Essential tremor... visit this website for more information and support

Do your hands shake uncontrollably while lifting things? Does your head shake either from side to side or up and down? Does your head shake while performing everyday tasks? i.e. applying cosmetics, shaving, answering the telephone, working on the computer etc.?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you MAY have Benign Essential Tremor - an easily treated medical condition. I visited a doctor who referred me to a specialist and a beta blocker tablet helps to stop the shakes but I take them in moderation because they also make me feel tired.

When I stayed in hospital for another condition one doctor even suggested a glass of sherry, it's a well known fact that alcohol can stop the shakes if you have essential tremor but it is something you need to do with care as it can be very easy to overdo it. In my case I drink ouzo instead of sherry.

ET spin

essential tremor logo
Essential tremor awareness ribbon

With these animations I am having fun at my own expense. Someone suggested that I should make some awareness ribbons and because this condition is sometimes referred to as ET these are my efforts. The blue ribbon is just shaky, very much like me if I do anything strenuous for any length of time.

Its no fun but it could be worse

At one time I became mildly depressed and thought that I would never be able to draw or create anything again.
Dot refused to let me feel sorry for myself and with a little medication things got better.
This condition can be controlled, things could be a lot worse.

Dot has told me that perhaps I have treated what can be a very embarrassing condition a little light heartedly with my animations. I'm sorry to say that Essential tremor will never change my rather strange sense of humour, take a look at some more of my animations and you will see what I mean.