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A few famous faces included in this category

Bollywood animationCustom animated gifs that will entertain as well as including some famous people. We have included some 3D animations of the Beatles with a customized Fender guitar, Bollywood animations that concentrate more on Bollywood symbols rather than risking any copyright problems by using photographs of Bollywood stars.
Dr who animations, we have spent hours creating animations of Daleks, Cybermen and K9. The Elvis gifs are a popular download, the king still lives on. If you have the British "toilet" sense of humour that page may be worth a visit. Poor old Prince Charles, he gets a lot of stick on this website, maybe because he is the same age as Dave and they both had the same sort of haircut when they were ten years old.

The puzzle page was a diversion from our normal work and although not 3D was an interesting project to make, something that would make people think. Ideal for kids. Flip Flop Dot has a page of customized Flip Flops, sometimes we even get emails from suppliers of Flip Flops trying to sell us their range. Dot the missus called so, because she wears flip flops all year round even in the winter with six inches of snow.