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Free English rugby gif animations

No padding or helmets needed to play this game.

Rugby, a sport that got its name from a School in England that originally played it in the nineteenth century. Probably the most well known rule is that you cannot pass the ball forward. This game is played with an oval ball which we have always found to be just a little strange but can make for an exciting game at times because of the unpredictable behavior of the ball bounce

A game that our son Colin used to love playing. To him it was an excuse for a little legal violence and because he is a big lad the game suited him. We cannot remember the times that we had to pick him up from the casualty department in hospital because of some injury or the other. He does not play rugby now but still gets onto the football field to play for his local village football team and then disappear into the pub afterwards

animated rugby ball
animated English rose
rugby ball animation
rugby cube
Rugby flag
animated rugby

Row the Atlantic effort by Rugby players

rowing boatA few years ago I was contacted by the Sevenoaks Rugby club and asked if I could make a 3D graphic of the rowing boat that some members of the club intended to row across the Atlantic in order to collect some money for charity. This animated graphic was placed on their website and I made it into an interactive Flash animation. I understand that they collected a significant amount of money but that sadly on the first day of rowing and in very bad weather the rowing boat took on water and their task had to be abandoned. The creation of this graphic was my little effort for charity and I thought it would be nice just to add a non animated version here. I still have a rugby shirt made to commemorate this occasion which I often wear in the cold evenings of Cyprus when I visit in the early spring.