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Will you marry me animations, Engagement congratulations

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butterfly animationA romantic collection of will you marry me and congratulations on your engagement animations. I have added extra sparkle to the locket and engagement rings and the red rose is so suitable. I have used a selection of the 3D models I have made over the years for these animations and I must admit that this fairly new collection is some of my better work. Lets hope that I keep on improving, I'm adding new animations to this website nearly every week.
The will you marry me? text on the rose graphic is part of the graphic.

marry me animation
Engagement ring and champagne
animated engagement ring
will you marry me
Marry me locket
Will you marry me sign

Will you marry me

Pop the question the Sevenoaks Art way or send a congratulations on your engagement with our champagne and engagement ring animation. You have a few animations to choose from if you do want to ask that special question by attaching it to an email but personally I think you should get down on one knee and propose the old fashioned way.
I wish you luck whatever way you do it, I have been married to Dot for over 35 years and she makes me build stuff for this website instead of letting me go down the pub.