All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated faces that can be used as smileys

Famous face smileys

We have made quite a few famous face animations so we decided to make some much smaller versions that people can use as smileys or emotions. The original full size collection is here and there are still some that have not been made smaller for use here. If you have animation editing software you can resize any of our stuff including these faces. Our animations not only make good emotions, but miniaturized they can be used as an animated avatars as well. We will add more famous faces to this page soon.

George Bush smiley face
Tony Blair
Abraham Lincoln smiley face
Prince Charles
Santa Bush smiley face
Elvis Presley
Tony Blair
Santa Bush
Captain Bush smiley face
Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Nick Clegg
David Beckham
King Tut
Capt Bush
Tony (Older)
Gordon Brown
Nick Clegg
D Beckenham
King Tut

Totally original smileys

Are you fed up with hundreds of those yellow smiley animations grinning at you, try using ours instead. Add these famous face smileys to your emails, blogs, messages,forums, group postings etc.
If you have found this page you are in luck. Not many people discover these famous smiley faces so you will have something unique that has been created by Dot and Dave.