All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Acorn animated emoticons for forums and emails

Something different, an animated acorn emoticon

Fed up with that annoying yellow animated smiley that you see everywhere, use an annoying green one instead.
These green animated emoticons have been made by us so you have a truly original animation.

sad smiley
happy smiley
whoops smiley
butterfly smiley
Sad smiley Acorn
Happy smiley Acorn
Whoops smiley Acorn

Butterfly Acorn

Made in USA
Made in Canada
Made in Britain
Made in Australia

Parachute Acorn
Made in Lebanon
Just dropping in
Made in Ireland

This website should have been called Acorn

The annoying little green animated emoticon seems to crop up every where on this website. Because my Google name is Acorn I decided to make an animated icon and since then he wants to be in nearly every animation we make.
Do you want to make us famous? Stick an Acorn emoticon on every web page that you have. Lets have a website domination by Acorn as he believes in sharing everything, being polite and honest and not being ruthless and ruled by money.

Click the link below for some famous people emoticons.