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Animated @ email buttons

Special @ email animations

Not an original idea but a variation on a theme and all made by Dot and Dave. You see many of these "email at" animations on the internet so we have not come up with an original idea (unusual for us) but we have made something a little different from the normal spinning email at button. Maybe you find so many of these buttons available on the internet because they are very easy to make. We made life just a little more difficult for ourselves when we came up with the idea of an interlinking @ button, now you do not see an animation like that very often, So here you have it , a nice comprehensive selection of the more traditional @ email buttons and to top it all we have made them for light coloured and dark backgrounds as well.

spinning at email button
warping email button
swinging pair of email buttons
horizontal spin email button
jumping email button
spinning button
warping button
swinging email
spinning email
jumping button

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American Mail box
If you are looking for a more unusual selection of email buttons like this mail box click the mailbox itself , we have quite a selection of unusual and original email buttons for you to download.