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Free animated email buttons, email animations for web pages and blogs

Animated email buttons

At email button animatedA rather unusual collection of animated email buttons, something a little different and made by us here at
Sevenoaks Art, surely something to brighten up your web page and draw attention to the email link.
We have used some of our existing models and made a few specifically for this page and I even had to go down the road and sketch a red post box so I could get the details right. It must have been strange for passers by to have seen an old gent with sketch pad in hand and measuring tape paying so much attention to a solitary post box.
Sometimes when surfing the net we come across one of our animated email buttons and we always get that buzz knowing that someone has downloaded and used some of our creations. Enjoy our buttons and we hope you get some good emails and not the continuous flow of spam that drops into our mail box....

email red flash
Radio email
red post box email animation
warping email button
email gif
switch button animated
british pillar box
butterfly email button animated

Email buttons for everyone

The first email button that we call red flash must have been made over ten years ago, the second is a modification of a symbol used by radio amateurs. We have then made a few post boxes including the American version, an Earth globe with the @ logo in and our favourite the butterfly animated email button.

If you prefer the more conventional spinning email buttons and ones similar to the bouncing email @ logo at the top of the page please click Animated "at" buttons