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Ancient Egyptian animations, free animated gifs


scarab beetleI'm fascinated by anything to do with ancient Egypt. It took me a couple of days to create the King Tutankhamun animation. Each section of the bust was carefully modeled and planted in place before the whole model was rendered using a photograph and animated. Sadly with an animation like this a lot of the finer detail is lost when making the animation smaller and suitable for a web page. When I first started in the 36k modem days I would not go over 30kb file size but with the introduction of broadband our animations now average 100 kb. I look forward to internet progress and faster download speeds, it will mean I can improve even more on our animations, the larger the file size the better the animation

Egyptian teddy hieroglyphics animated animated emerald
Egyptian animated cube egyptian cube Egyptian animation
Tutankhamun animation egyptian plaque egyptian lady

Ancient Egyptian animations

amethystKing Tutankhamun animation, Egyptian scarab beetles, ancient wall decorations with hieroglyphics, and amethyst considered to be one of the valuable Egyptian gemstones. More gemstones can be found on my Birthstones page.

3D Egyptian animations created by Sevenoaks Art for use in your IT projects or for use on webpages or blogs. I know that I have added a couple of modern day Egyptian flags but the teddy and the monkey insisted that they appeared on this page and who am I to argue.