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Egg bacon and sausage animations. A nice fry up

A not too healthy but very tasty fry up

teapot sausagesTo my way of thinking the best meal in the world. OK it is a high dose of cholesterol and probably why Dot only ever cooks it once a month if I am lucky. Oh boy do I enjoy it when I get it ( Egg bacon and sausage that is)
The eggs will be free range, the sausage and bacon from our local village butcher, or even from Jamie Oliver's range of sausages and bacon. We always grille the bacon and the sausages and the egg is fried in olive oil although probably healthier if poached.

animated bacon
animated fry up
animated sausage
animated sausage on a fork
animated egg
animated fried egg

Spam not included, go on treat yourself.treaat yourself

spam animatedThese are words from a famous sketch in Monty Python "Well, there's egg bacon sausage and spam". Monty Python may have liked spam with this superb meal but I would rather give it a miss.

Lets be honest, its a real treat to have a good fry up and it is even better if you add mushrooms, beans, fried tomatoes and a dash of good old fashioned brown sauce.

In my younger days when money was tight I would enjoy a Spam fritter but not now thank you, although now I have retired it's possible that spam beans and mashed potato may just be on the menu again. We rarely send out any spam but in this case we are guilty but it is some really special spam created by Sevenoaks Art