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How do I display animations or graphics on ebay?

I am often asked this question so I hope this will help.

Ebay will host the photo of the article you are selling for that time period but if you want to add something extra to your Ebay shop you can do the following. You can download any animation and then host it on something like Photobucket and follow the online instructions. Of course you can always try a search for "free gif hosting" on Google.

Another option may people do not think about is the web space or bandwidth for a home page that comes in the package offered by many net providers. Technical support will talk to their customers and advise how to upload images and link to them, and unless you are a big seller there should be enough bandwidth for ebay listings.

Remember that animations can distract from the main purpose of selling and as much as I like making them it is advisable to use them with caution, remember not everyone has broadband and some of my animations take for ever to download on a 56k modem.

If you are looking for a special animation I can modify most things on my site ( Names added to flags or swinging signs etc )
Contact me and let me know your requirements

animated bargain
animated buy now
animated for sale
sold animation
Whats new animation
Coming soon animation

The graphics are just a small part of our collection and we have many more animations that could be used on your ebay web pages. We have given a couple of links to some more suitable pages below.