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More animated Easter gifs

The collection is growing.

animated Easter bunny cubeA few more animations for Easter with a bible, a funny Easter chick, Easter blessings and loads of different Easter eggs. I have used a combination of 3D animated models that I have made and kept in my library and combined them with photographs, a technique that I tend to use quite a lot these days.

Celebrate Easter, it is a special time for many people including us and have fun using our animated gifs. Happy Easter from Dot and Dave

Bunny in Easter egg running Easter chick Easter bunny
animated easter blessings animated chick animated bible
Kitten in Easter egg Ginger Easter kitten Easter kitten

I could not leave the cats out

animated easter cubeThe Easter chick trying to walk while still halfway in his egg really cracks me up. Sometimes an animation turns out completely different to how you originally visualize it and this one certainly did.

When I made the the bunnies popping out of the eggs it occurred to me that so many people love cats and because you can find so many on the internet it would probably be a good idea to have add a few kittens popping out of eggs as well. It's somewhat different but I love the effect.

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