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Do not drink and drive animations, dui, dwi gif animations

Drinking and driving in 1950

Teddy sitting on car drinking beerWhen I was a boy 55 years ago it was not unusual to see people drinking and driving
It is nice to see how things have changed, and that most people will not drink and drive, it is a stupid thing to do and with faster more powerful cars a drunk driver behind the wheel of a car is a dangerous weapon awaiting a very serious accident.

Many drivers really think that they can drive better while under the influence, because they feel relaxed and consider themselves more alert. How untrue and the stats show that this is not the case.

Even in Cyprus where Drinking and driving was quite common a few years back things have changed and the law will not tolerate such things.
I have made a few DUI and do not drink and drive animations in the hope that they may be used in some content on a blog or web page and will stop some one who is considering drinking and driving

Have nun Do not drink and drive Panda on the booze
NO DRINK DRIVING Keep calm and don't drink and drive STOP No drinking and driving
Animated boozy teddy bear Do not Drink and drive DUI animated cube

My animations

The steering wheel and drinks animation does include the text "Do not drink drive". Some of these animations have been created using existing 3D models and some have been created especially for this webpage. The keep calm poster was made using a blank template that is available on this website, you can add your own text using an online animation editor.

The panda has in his possession one of my favourite drinks, a bottle of Southern Comfort, the nun was "borrowed" from the animated nuns page and the flag was my standard flag with a text image applied to it in my rendering program.