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Free 3D drum animations

Animated drum kit

Drum kitIt has been constructed section by section in my 3D software package, which as you may imagine, took some time and then rendered and rotated to create the animation

These drum animations could easily compliment some of the guitar and music animations I have made, feel free to explore this website by exploring the menu on the right

spinning drum animation animated drummer teddy bear animated drum with drumsticks
animated drum cube drum kit rocks animated drum kit
American drummer Guitar playing monkey Cymbol cube

Why I made these animations

A lot of the drum animations I have made have been because they have been requested. I do not take on any projects or special work but if some one requests an animation I will put it on the list of things to do. In this case the drum kit had been on the list for three years.

Enjoy my collection of drum animations and do not let the Teddy beating the drum for all his worth put you off. The teddy bear came from the selection of 3D models that I had already made. It's good fun to use some of the 3D graphics I have already created