All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D animated dolphins

Animated gifs made by Sevenoaks Art

animated dolphin cubeWe made just the one dolphin model for all the animations below. The one to the left is just a copyright free image we have placed onto our famous spinning cube. The animated dolphin directly below does not include the seascape background because we have added that as a separate background to a div on this page (or tables if you are using them). Creating an animation in this manner takes up less memory and because our dolphin has a transparent background that lets the seascape show through the animation only totals 109k which allows for a nice fast download if it is the only animation on the page. We have quite a lot of big graphics on this page so download time is a little longer.
The other dolphin animations look good if incorporated into a Flash movie so that you can make them move across the page, again using this technique uses up very little extra memory.

swimming dolphin
animated dolphin
dolphin animation

dolphins photographOur friends the dolphins.

Like the whales and porpoises dolphins are marine mammals. A dolphin is a highly intelligent animal and their friendliness and playful manner has made them very popular.

Pictured here is my little grand daughter who has absolutely no fear of any animals and dolphins are certainly no exception.

We are hoping that she will take over this website one day because she is an up and coming artist who already has some good computer skills.