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Free animated dogs

A totally different selection of animations

animated barking dogAll these dog animations have been made by myself and not collected from dark recesses on the internet. As with all my work there is a good chance that more animations will be added to this page. This website is in a state of perpetual improvement and I'm always adding more content.

Most of these animations have been created using copyright free photographs and given a 3D effect to make them more interesting. I have made a tutorial for anyone wishing to use a photo of your dog in the bin animation.

I do prefer cats because they are so independent and not too much trouble if you want to go ondog and case holiday as my neighbour will look after her , feed her and make sure she is OK. Having said that, throughout my life, until just recently I have always had a dog and the love and affection they can give you can be fantastic. Now that I'm doing long country walks a dog would be an ideal companion.
The spinning dog and case is one of my first animations created from video, in this case a china ornament. I need to clean up the random pixels a little but it seems to work.

Nodding dog animation
animated dog in bin
Dog with nodding head
animated cube with dog graohic
swining sign with dog graphic
cube animation with dog

The dogs in the animated cubes are easy to make

Lion-dogChines zoo substituted lion with dog. It was a shitzoo.

I can make an animated cube using a photograph of your dog. The best and easiest way is to join Google+ and give me the details via my Google+ page

The nodding dog animations were created especially for this webpage, all the other animations are made using existing 3D models but changing the graphics. Over the years I have built up a good library of 3D models that can be used for many different purposes.