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Free Diwali animated gifs, original 3D graphics


Diwali canBecause I have many Indian visitors and also have a few good Indian friends I decided to make these Diwali animations. I enjoy making animations and after a hard's day work it is a very good way to chill out, relax and forget the trials and tribulations of every day life.

In this case I really enjoyed making these because they have a lot of bright colours and just look very festive and happy, perhaps like Christmas. The candle light reflecting on the Happy Diwali text looks very good and I am well pleased with it. When I see these animations in use on other web pages I get a real buzz to know that my work is appreciated.

The only time I get upset is when I see my work added to other internet collections of animated gifs

animated diwali cube
animated Diwali cards
diwali candle animation
Diwali fireworks
animated diyas
Lakshmi animated
spinning happy Diwali
diwali flag and fireworks
Diwali flag

Festival of Light. Victory of good over evil. Diwali animations

small spinning Diwali logoDiwali, a big Hindu festival also known as the festival of light.
Many diyas or lamps are alight to celebrate the victory of good over evil in every person. Fireworks are always seen as well.
Playing cards are very popular on Diwali day as the Goddess of wealth will bless the players.

I intend to add a few more high quality animations for next year.