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Free Divorce animations.

How things change

I'm divorced Ha Ha When we were kids divorce was not a common thing but 55 years on things have changed. Look around and you will see many people that are divorced these days. Celebrities seem to divorce each other on a regular basis. Even I have been divorced but my second attempt has been a big success as I have been married to Dot for over 35 years. These animations have been treated in a light hearted way for what is often a very serious and heartbreaking thing

divorce or worse marriage is dead Divorced teddy bear
WOT no marriage Divorced monkey Have a happy divorce
cut up thr marriage certificate divorced wedding rings Scales of justice

Wind your ex husband or wife up

divorced ringsDivorce animations, something many of us have been through so why shouldn't I make a few animations that you can use in any manner you think suitable. A strange choice for animated gifs but you may have a use for some of these.

Would you send one to the person you divorced, I know that I would, and it would be the monkey with the bananas or the laughing cube but you have a choice of quite a few here which and recently updated as well..