All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D Animated Discus Fish.

You will find copies of these discus fish on other sites but we made them

clown fish bulletI have kept many tropical fish but never a Discus fish. Probably because they are so expensive to buy and I should imagine not easy to keep although these days tropical fish aquariums and the equipment needed makes life a lot easier. These fish are cichlids and as such are well known for as very good parents. Both the male and female looking after their young fry and feeding them from a secretion on their skin.
Discus fish animations are some of the most difficult to make and because of its narrow body this one was no exception.

discus fish animated
swimming discus fish
discus fish animation
discus cube
clown fish and plant
clownfish weeeee

The magnificent discus fish has to be on of the most beautiful freshwater tropical fish available. They will certainly grace any tropical aquarium and because they are not small will always be on show.