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3D TV gif animations

Television animated gifs

bulbIn the early days it was said that TV would never become popular and that radio would always be best. I remember listening to the Goon show before television was about and could understand why people may have thought this. Our first TV was a big brown box that my dad brought home one day to watch the Queens coronation in 1953. It had a tiny screen and a big square magnifying glass over it. Colour TV was science fiction but over the years I watched it develop, not very good colours at first, watching a football match with unnatural bright green grass was very strange but just look at the images now. Just lately the television has been incorporated into a cabinet with a lift up mechanism, I have made one as an animation.

wot no analogue TV
Spinning animated TV
Animated TV screen
TV cube
animated lift up TV
TV cube animation

Digital Television

Analogue television is disappearing and digital is taking over so I have made a few animaions. I have also made a Google Sketchup model of this TV free to download and manipulate in the free Sketchup program. Its OK making TV animations like this but when you consider one of my first televisions was an old fashioned black and white screen and box shaped, they will need to be updated every so often because the shape of them is forever changing.

The first animated TV was a really awful and badly drawn so I no longer have it on display. Things are improving?