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3D Dieting and slimming animations

Greek Cypriot diet

salad bowlTrying to keep my weight down is a big problem. I have Greek Cypriot friends who live in Cyprus and I like to visit them as much as possible. The big problem is that they base their day on what they are going to eat and drink and as they love barbecues they will always have a couple on my stay. Some Cypriot food is very healthy like the Mediterranean salads and vast selection of fish but they do make some of the best chips available, freshly peeled and deep fried. Then you have menus with a lot of meat content and the sausages are some of the best in the world. Cap that off with liberal helpings of Ouzo and after a week or two and the return home I need to revert to my normal healthy diet without too much booze (I do allow myself a little) to try and lose some of the weight I have so easily put on. These animations have been made with the slimmer in mind, if you need any just right click and save to your computer.

eat fruit Lose weight animation WOT! No cream cakes
Keep calm and diet Skeleton walking for food Uncle sam says eat healthily
lose weight diet book animation Slimming pills My sort of diet

It ain't easy staying slim

eat sensiblyMany of us struggle to keep our weight down and although I'm not on strict diet or slimming I do try to eat healthily and exercise as much as possible. These dieting animations have been made to cheer up the many people in the same boat as me. I had fun making these and must admit that sometimes I'm very tempted by the hotdog and sausage beefburger and pork pie type diet.
The Sevenoaks art slimming pills don't really do a lot but you are most welcome to keep taking them.