All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Experiments with light and darkness

Lantern animations and more with black backgrounds

Artlantis gives wonderful scope to experiment with light and I have done just that with these animations.
It is very easy easy to place a light, or as many lights as you need in exactly the right position around the 3D model you have created, These animations were made by adjusting the level of light in each frame of the animation. Each frame of course will be a different drawing if the object is animated at the same time, it can get a little complicated but makes for interesting work. Throughout my website you will find animations based on this effect.

animated lantern
animated lava lamp
Animated light down the toilet
lightbulb animation
I can't blow the candle out
animated strobe light
animated candle in front of photograph
animated candle
rude teddy bear

More animated candles on the link below

The animated candle created from a video that I made and the teddy is just plain rude These light animations have been made for a black background. Some early animations experimenting with light and shadows, the strobe light was made for a friend who was selling them on a website and the candle and photograph is part of our Indian collection.