All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Daffodils, handmade animated gifs

You know Spring is here

Daffodil made from videoOh what a treat to see the daffodils appearing in early Spring. A sure sign that winter is almost over and Spring is upon us. To us the best time of the year as we know it will get warmer and the apple blossom will soon bloom. We love them in our garden but if you have them growing in a lawn you will have to be very careful until they die not to mow over them.

A symbol of Wales. William Wordsworth famous work "I wandered lonely as a cloud " comes to mind here.

The animated daffodil to the left of this text was created by making a video of a daffodil. It was placed on a rotating platform with single colour background and the video was converted into a gif. The background colour was then converted o transparent. This is the best attempt so far using this technique but there is still room for improvement

rabbit and daffodils
spinning daffodils
daffodil cube
daffodil animation

Old but good

The top three animations rather old and ancient now and probably in need of an update but we have seen them around on other websites and it's nice to know that people use our stuff. The bottom three cube animations use a very simple but effective technique and are later additions.