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Greek Cypriot animated gifs - Cyprus animations

Dot and Dave's love of Cyprus

Cyprus map spinningIf you have surfed this website before you will be aware that we love Cyprus. Not the tourists area but up in the hills and mountains and especially in some of the small villages like Polemi or Lysos. We have Greek Cypriot friends who live in Nicosia and we visit them as often as possible, sometimes three times a year. Cyprus is our second home but it is becoming a very expensive place to live since the introduction of the Euro.
It was only natural that we should make some Cypriot animations, especially with Ouzo. The rippling water effect was created using a free reflection program available on the internet

animated ouzo glass animated ouzo Halloumi cheese
Ouzo glass Ouzo bottle Halloumi cheese
In the hills of Cyprus Paphos Tourist boat Protaras
Reservoir in the hills The sea caves Tourist boat
Cyprus teddy Cyprus flag Cyprus monkey

Cyprus animations

Ouzo bottlesThe reflection animations above are modifications of photographs we have taken. The first is a reservoir close to Polemi in the hills of Cyprus. The second is the sea caves at Paphos and the third is a tourist pleasure boat in Protaras.
We love Ouzo but you have to drink it neat with ice and if necessary with a glass of water on the side.
Halloumi cheese is a semi hard cheese made from goats milk, made in Cyprus and ideal for grilling, I love it and it had to be added to my range of animations here