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Animated Cybermen and K9 animated gifs.

Dr Who robots

Hot Cross bunThis is part of the new collection with the Cybermen and K9 animated gifs. K9 was always one of my favorites and it is nice to see him return although these days he has a complete face lift and has been modernized. Maybe time to update this animation of him, this website is in a never ending state of modification.

I have created a Cyberman especially for Christmas. It is a complete animation on a white background.

animated K9
animated cyberman
spinning K9
cool animation
cool cube

Modifications needed

I made the Cyberman before this new version was actually seen on TV. He took many hours to make and had many rotation points to be able to make him walk. At the time I was happy with the animation but when this generation of Cybermen appeared on the screen I was slightly disappointed because they do a sort of stamping march with no head movement and do not walk like my version. The actual construction is not too bad apart from the hands so a modification to him is needed at some time. My old favourite K9 looks a bit tatty and dog eared but I still prefer this version to the later one