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The Ashes, does anyone know what this urn contains?

animated ashes

The Ashes, the prize in test cricket between England and Australia. Replicas of this urn are held aloft by by the victorious team. The original urn can be found in the MCC museum at Lords.
It has been suggested that this urn contains the ashes of an Australian cricket bat.

Cricket, an English game that has been adopted the world over. I have watched our son play this game, he is a good sportsman and has even played abroad against other schools when he was younger. An eye to ball coordination is required which I do not have, see me try to play table tennis and you will understand what I mean. leave me to my artwork and animations because artwork is about the only real talent that I have.

Maybe at some time I will add more to this page. Suggestions for cricket animations are always welcome.

animated cricket bat
animated cricket ball
cricket cube
animated Sussex cricket logo
Ashes animation
animated Kent cricket logo

Kent County Cricket Club

cricket-batSevenoaks Art is based in Kent and Sussex is just down the road so I'm little biased as to what logos are posted on this web page.

All these cricket animations have been created by me and have a transparent background suitable for planting on any light coloured background. You will find no animations here that take excessive time to download, many were created in the days of the 56k modem so the introduction of broadband has made for very fast downloading.