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Animated copyrighted buttons. Do not copy animations.

You can copy our animations though

Hot Cross bunWe are lucky, we encourage people to copy and use our content and get great satisfaction from people doing so.
Of course many people do not like their hard work being copied and pasted into another web site and Adsense can be blamed for many having their content stolen. It is so easy to trawl the internet, copy someone’s work and then create a blog with this stolen content, add Adsense and then watch the money roll in. It does seem that the Google search engine has a problem to distinguish between the original content and any copies of it. Take a look around the internet, you will find thousands of sites with copied content and it is not nice if your original work has been copied.
A gentle reminder like our animated copyright buttons will make people aware that your content is copyrighted, it will not stop the hardened offender from taking your work but you can easily check who is using it on the web by checking your website page with Copyscape.

animated copyright button
copyrighted content animation
do not copy animations
copyright cube animated
copyright flag
copyright animation

Do not add to other animation collections

Although we like people to copy our work and use it in their webpages we draw the line at having our whole website copied and then pasted into another website. This actually happened when an Indian publisher did this and added it to his Bollywood site. Fortunately when I contacted him he saw the errors of his ways, many publishers are not that lucky. The other thing we object to is publishers with online collections of animated gifs adding our work to them.