copyright free


All animations are royalty free

royalty free

All our animated gifs are copyright free, and we do not add a clause that states that we assume no copyright licence exists because every animation on this website has been made by Dot and Dave. It has taken us over ten years to get this collection together and it has always been a fun project as far as we are concerned. You cannot imagine the "buzz" we get when we see our work on other websites and we are always interested in how they are used or modified

They can be used on your blogs and websites, in presentations and can even be modified and in return it would be appreciated if we had a link or some sort of credit for our work.

We do not like our work being added to the many animated gif collection websites that collect animations
and then just display them, we made everything and we like to be the people to offer them to you and do not want to see them offered on webpages with loads of ads everywhere.

Check to see if we have the royalty free animation you need by clicking the home acorn button and if we do not have it there is always a possibility than we can modify one of our existing ones.

We hope you find the right animated gif for your project
Dot and Dave